About us

Our activities aim at supporting research and innovation strategies for the development, implementation and uptake of innovative solutions in industry, research and society to address global challenges in fields including health, industry, energy, environment.

We develop, implement and apply advanced simulation environments for hi-tech applications. We believe that new simulation and virtualization technologies, from large-scale computing to artificial intelligence, have the potential to boost innovation, challenging technologies for advanced manufacturing and Industry 4.0 or in the development of new systems for diagnostics and therapeutics.

The name DAIMON comes from the acronym “Design And Integrated Modelling Of Nanostructures”, which was the initial focus of our activities. Other meanings can also be interesting.

Our approach

We rely on integrated modelling approaches, including multiscale simulations, to assist the design and development of complex systems. Our approach is particularly relevant in applications where properties at a smaller scale impact strongly on the behavior of a system at a macro-scale, as for example in the development of nano/micro devices, multifunctional materials, and materials processing.

The key feature of our approach is interdisciplinarity, combining different competences in the definition of new virtualization paradigms, from chemico-physical modelling to data-science.

Our team includes researchers, collaborators and students with a broad range of expertise in computational sciences, high-performance computing, simulation, modelling, materials sciences, chemistry, physics, engineering and complex systems. We collaborate tightly with researchers, labs and institutions who deal with the experimental part of our activities, providing us with reliable test beds of our approach in real-life environments.

We do believe that current challenges in science, research and technology can only be achieved through an integration of different approaches and environments, and are enabled by actively pursuing Open Science and Open Innovation. Have a look at our News page for further details.

If you need more information about what we do, please feel free to contact us!