EuMINe – A new COST Action Led by DAIMON on Digital Technologies and Artificial Intelligence for Advanced Materials

An artistic rendering of the EuMINe concept: the promise of new materials illuminates the emergence of a new future driven by digital infrastructures and AI.

The DAIMON Team is taking the lead in the “EuMINe – European Materials Informatics Network” COST Action, a multidisciplinary European initiative aimed at revolutionizing the development of advanced materials through the application of digital technologies and artificial intelligence.

The first official meeting of the COST Action “EuMINe – European Materials Informatics Network” has just concluded. During the meeting, Francesco Mercuri, a researcher at the Institute for the Study of Nanostructured Materials of the CNR (ISMN-CNR) in Bologna and leader of the DAIMON research team, was appointed as the Chair of the Action by the Management Committee. The CNR was selected as the grant holder institution. This international initiative will span four years and is dedicated to revolutionizing the field of advanced material development and its applications in hi-tech sectors through the adoption of innovative approaches to digitization based on materials informatics, artificial intelligence, and data-driven technologies.

COST Actions represent one of the European Commission’s key initiatives to promote interdisciplinary research and innovation across all fields of science and technology, including emerging areas. COST Actions support networking initiatives and serve as a fundamental tool for promoting international cooperation, knowledge sharing, and scientific and technological progress in Europe and globally.

The multidisciplinary EuMINe community brings together experts in materials science, informatics, computer science, physics, chemistry, engineering, modeling, and simulation, industrial research, and technology transfer. Furthermore, the Action will actively collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders, including public and private institutions, communities engaged in materials modeling, design, and characterization, large-scale computing infrastructures, and materials-focused data centers.

The Action already encompasses dozens of researchers and innovators from both academic and industrial backgrounds and represents over 20 countries. One of the Action’s objectives is to further expand participation through various networking initiatives.

The COST Action “EuMINe” signifies a significant stride in European cooperation to advance science and technology in the materials field, unifying the efforts of researchers, innovators, and institutions across the continent to address the most pressing challenges in advanced materials. The primary goal is to coordinate the endeavors of the European scientific community to maximize the impact of innovations on materials for the benefit of society and industry, tackling critical socioeconomic challenges.

For more information about EuMINe and updates on the initiative, please visit the Action’s page on the COST website at

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